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How to select and use a marinade injector for BBQ

There are a lot of different injectors out there today. Most of them are for household cooks, and most of them are designed to inject turkeys. You're probably looking to inject pork shoulders or briskets—larger cuts of meat that requires full penetration of your secret formula. We recommend FAB B Lite for brisket, FAB P for pork shoulders and ribs, and FAB C for chicken.

When selecting a needle and injector combination, the most important factor is the needle. You want a needle that pushes the marinade or brine outward, into the muscle. You don't just want to punch a hole and fill it with liquid.

Butcher's Brisket Injection needleHere (and to the left) is a link to a BBQ injector available through Amazon that we like. The 4oz capacity is good for ribs and chicken, but there are other models with larger capacity, 8oz or more if you search around.

When injecting, be patient. You need to inject the mix slowly and evenly. Your goal is to push the marinade into the muscle fibers of the meat. Some people stab wildly with their injectors, thinking that more and faster is better. Don't do this! Let the meat absorb the mixture, and use a firm, even pressure.

While injectors can come in plastic, stainless steel and sundry other materials, the needles are generally stainless steel. Below are the three main types of injector needles you'll find.