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The Ingredient Store is close to most of the major spice importers and spice grinders on the East coast, allowing us access to some of the best quality spices available.

Turning inventory over frequently allows us to offer you spices much fresher than you can buy in any supermarket.

We offer our spices in a selection of three sizes: 4, 8 and 16 ounces, packaged in a poly-container with an air tight, snap on lid. The container is conveniently re-usable, microwave and freezer safe.

Many of our customers take advantage of the great savings found in the 16 ounce size, by sharing with their friends and neighbors.

All spices are shipped in high-quality containers 
that are re-usable and microwave safe

16oz and 8oz shown

catalog# 900-16
16 oz  $9.23

Allspice, Ground

8 oz  $5.94
catalog# 901-16
16 oz  $

Allspice, Whole

catalog# 901-8
8 oz  $8.30
catalog# 903-16
16 oz  $10.81

Anise, Seeds

catalog# 903-8
8 oz  $6.30
catalog# 904-16
16 oz  $12.71

Star Anise, Whole

catalog# 904-8
8 oz  $7.50
catalog# 905-16
16 oz  $9.87

Basil Leaves

catalog# 905-8
8 oz  $5.71
catalog# 906-16
16 oz  $10.51

Bay Leaves, Whole

catalog# 906-8
8oz  $6.11
catalog# 908-16
16 oz  $28.51

Cardamon, Ground

catalog# 908-8
8 oz  $15.61

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