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Soy Products
The Goodness of Soy

The ancient Asians referred to the soybean as The meat that grows on a vine. 

Until recently, the many benefits of soy have been ignored--but not by us...

Our soy products range from -

bulletFood grade dry soybeans that can be used for home preparation of products from soy milk, to tofu.
bulletA variety of soy snacks Honey roasted, Plain roasted, with or without salt. 
bulletWe also have 70% protein, Textured Soy Concentrate, both in flakes and granules that when hydrated can be used as a fat free replacement for meat in many dishes, totally or partially.
bulletOur Burger Booster is a meat supplement to be added to ground meat too
reduce the fat content and make ground meat healthier and tastier. Try it . . .You'll like it!
bulletLast but not least, we have our famous Pro-Burger mix, which will make 12 ounces of ready-to-cook, Veggie burger meat replacement, which can be used
to make fat-free patties--or crumbles for those heart healthy meals!

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