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A great way to spice up your cooking is to inject a flavored marinade.

We recommend FAB injection marinades

Injecting a Turkey

When injecting a turkey, the marinade should be injected under the skin not through it. After filling the Monster Marinade Injector with your favorite marinade lift the skin at the front and back of the turkey and insert the needle into the meat according to the pattern shown below. Depress the plunger as you slowly remove the needle. This will loosen the meat before you inject the marinade, allow it to retain more flavor and ensure thorough distribution.

Repeat this process on the other side of the turkey. For extra variety, inject different flavored marinades in each breast. Marinade can also be injected into the wings and legs for added flavor

We recommend approximately 1 oz. of marinade per pound of turkey.


Monster Marinade Injector

6 inch Stainless steel gourmet needle

Great with marinades like FAB . . .

8 oz Shipping weight


Seasoned Rubs

Another way to add extra flavor to a turkey is to rub spices under the skin. Simply separate the skin from the turkey breast with your fingers, starting from the back and working toward the front. It is important to leave some of the skin attached to the front of the breast to prevent the spices from escaping during the cooking process. Once the skin is separated, rub spice under the skin and tuck the skin back under the turkey.   For extra flavor, put the flavored rubs in the turkey up to 24 hours before cooking.