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Here are favorite cookbooks that some 
of the Cooks and Bakers on the recipe 
board feel are worth adding to your library.
Have Fun  :-)

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Flatbreads and Flavors a Baker's Atlas

written by husband and wife team and world travelers

Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duiguid

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"My newest cookbook buy. It has flat breads from all around the world, America, Europe, Middle and Far East. Along with each bread is given recipes for great sounding dishes to serve with the bread. I tried the Cascabel Chile Salsa and we loved it. I can't wait to try some of the other dishes. I recommend this book highly."

Sharon H

"Fashionable Food--Seven decades of Food Fads,"

by Sylvia Lovegren, MacMillan 1995

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Here is a book that I highly recommend for some fun history of American food fads since the 1920s up to the present. I recognize many of the recipes as ones my grandmother and mother prepared and kept copies of over the years. I see that it's available at Amazon, Enjoy! It's really a hoot if you're around my age.


Joe Ames

"SAUCES Classical and contemporary sauce making "

By James Peterson

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A fine and thorough 504 page hard cover book. Just about everything you ever wanted to know about making sauces. An excellent book for the serious cook.


 Joe Ames:

" The Encyclopedia of Country Living"

By Carla Emery

A terrific book ! I you want to get "Back to the Earth" this is for you.

A HUGE 858 page, soft cover book, loaded with recipes, methods and stories of the way things used to be. Absolutely the best food "How-to" book I own.


Joe Ames

"Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing"


By Rytek Kutas

If your a Novice or even a Pro at sausage making and curing meats, You should have this book on your shelf. A 502 page hard cover book covering just about everything you'll need to know. It's actually a technical book, but well written so that the layman can understand it. Loaded with recipes and techniques to get you started making great sausages, and more. BTW, this book IS used in teaching classes at many Culinary schools.

Bill Ames:

Dean & Deluca


One Palate's Journey 
Through the World's 
Greatest Dishes


These are my two favorite books, by my favorite TV cook, David Rosengarten. 
It's amazing how much this guy knows! 
The recipes are all excellent, and he gives a lot of good hints, tips and recipes.



  • "The Complete Harrowsmith Cookbook"
  • "Simmering Suppers and Fish & Seafood"

by Camden House Publishing

The Fish & Seafood is especially good. It even has a salmon recipe from an Indian scout who is a guide for fishing trips. They are compiled by the editors and Readers of Harrowsmith Magazine.

I like them because if you have all 5 of them you would have an excellent collection of recipes sent in by people from all over the U.S. and Canada. Because of the diversity of sources, many of the recipes are regional and they vary from health food type recipes to gourmet type food. They cover every category you could think of.



"Classic Home Desserts"

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"Baking With Julia"

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"How to Bake"

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"Maida Heatter's Cookies"

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"The All Butter, Fresh Cream, 
Sugar Packed, 
No Holds Barred Baking Book"

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Hi! This is only my second post, but I visit this site every day and love it. I think this is a great idea to share our favorite cookbooks and I thought I'd share mine. Since I only bake (I'm not a good cook) my favorite baking books are above. .

I collect cookbooks and have many more favorites, but I recommend these to start with. I'm looking forward to learning everyone else's favorites too!


"Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook,1980 edition"

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. My friend bought one and I just had to have one too! My copy is dog-eared and the cover is falling off. In the front are color pictures of every recipe along with preparation time or when to start (i.e.,early in the day, 3 hours before, etc.) Then in the actual recipes themselves the instructions are numbered step-by-step along with drawings to illustrate the steps. This cookbook is how I actually began to learn to really cook!


Pat T

One of my favorites is

  • "Bay Leaves" by the Junior League of Panama City, FL.

It has many local restaurants' specialty recipes, like

  • Captain Anderson's Feud Cake. Ahhhh - Divine!!!

If you'd like a copy, email me and I'll let you know where you can obtain one.

Pat T



  • Baking with Julia ( I couldn't ask for a better baking book.)

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  • Authentic Mexican & Mexican Kitchen By Rick Bayless (He really knows how to create the true Mexican Flavors.)
  • Silver Palate Cookbook
  • Trattoria by Biba Caggiano
  • Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child (When in doubt, ask Julia) or
  • Old Joy of Cooking (can't be beat for most of those basic cooking questions)
  • All Dianna Kennedy's books
  • The Food and Life of Oaxaca by Zarela Martinez (because I love her evocative descriptions of Oaxaca, probably my favorite city)
  • Modern Thai Cuisine by Tommy Tang


  • The Victory Garden Cookbook (arranged ABC by veggie -- NOT a vegetarian cookbook)
  • The Herb Companion Cooks (recipes from appetizers to herbal teas)
  • Silver Palate Cookbook
  • Silver Palate Good Times (good recipes but poorly organized)
  • New Basics Cookbook (part of the Silver Palate series)
  • All three of Emeril Lagasse's cookbooks
  • Joy of Cooking (the original -- a handy reference)

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Just about anything published by

  • "Canadian Living". The hardbound cookbook, is a wonderful reference and a great way to launch a new cook (such as your daughter) to cook with style and flair. Lots of photos to spark ideas on presentation. The softbound publications on various types of cooking - from Light, Barbeque, Pasta, etc. etc. are a delight.
  • And the nifty, four book series of "The Best of Bridge" published by
    The Best of Bridge Publishing, Ltd.
    Calgary, Alberta

Last but not least:

  • "Looney Spoons" - Low Fat Food Made Fun by
    Janet and Greta Podleski
    Granet Publishing, Inc.
    Ottawa, Ontario



  • "The Best of Country Cooking"

My daughter and I have been using "The Best of Country Cooking" for the last several months . I purchased it from Taste of Home and it seems everything we try, turns out good. The recipes
are easy and most of them are pictured in color.


Linda S

Here are some outstanding books.

  • Second Helpings, Noreen Gilletz
  • Microways, Noreen Gilletz
  • Pleasures of your processor, Noreen Gilletz
  • Meal Lean I Yumm, Noreen Gilletz

These are the BEST books ever, Trust me. She is legend in Canadian (jewish style cooking), but don't let that scare you. The recipes are to die for.NOthing is better. Also:

  • Looney spoons.
  • Jewish holiday cooking. Joan Nathan.
  • What's for dinner. Ken Kostick.

Well known, has his own cooking show every night on Canadian tv.


 Willie Prejean

Here's a couple of outstanding Text Books of Baking that you may want to add to your Library.
These books cover Baking and Baking Science in much more detail than I can cover in my Web Page. They are pretty expensive, but someone might be interested in having one for their Library.

  • Bread Baking Technology,

by Wolf T. Doerry, 
Director of Cereal Technology
American Institute of Baking.

The book is published by the 
American Institute of Baking
1213 Bakers Way, Manhattan, Kansas 66502

(233 pages, cost about $50.00 plus shipping and handling)

  • Baking Science and Technology by E.J. Pyler,

Third Addition, two volumes. Volumes 1, and Volume 11.

The two volumes contain a total of 1322 pages.
Published by Sosland Publishing Company